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Drowned Alive June 26, 2007

Posted by prasadhms in Bottles.
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A weekend that was busy in more than one way (while I was figuring out ways of keeping oneself busy while being away from one’s official notebook) ended on strong emotions, thanks to David Blaine and AXN. This man of┬ámagic had me zapped once again. Coming from a land of mystics and magic, I find it hard to believe at times the kind of stuff this one guy does single handed while the ‘brotherhood of magicians’ back in India still depend on complex sets, dark screens and heavy makeup to transform an elephant to a Maruti car (oops! sorry! they made both of it disappear!). ‘Drowned Alive’ had David drowning himself in a human sized fish bowl for 7 full days and what more…he attempted a world record for the longest underwater no-breath stay. The current world record is at 8 min 58 sec. and David was attempting for 9 min! Geez! What a crazy thought and even crazier act. He did attempt and did a jawdropping 7 mins…mind you it was right after finishing his 7 day underwater living. To cut a long story short…it was frighteningly impressive and interesting. Frozen in Time to Vertigo to Drowned Alive…man! he rocks!

Will pickle again!


The day I blogged… June 23, 2007

Posted by prasadhms in Bottles, Pickles.

My emotions towards people who were active on blogs came from a very simple set of choices…the choices being…these folks were either super savvy to own a blog and also maintain it or these folks simply had loads of time in hand. While that might sound a little snooty, let me confess the reason why I never had a blog or contributed to blogs was the human urge to keep out of your own assessment grids. I’ve designed over a dozen websites and built an equal number of web-based software systems for the sin of being a webbie for a great part of the last decade (geez! I sound historic!), blogs always kept me puzzled and the closest I came to it was when a grey-beard senior of mine introduced me to the technology behind Wiki and Moodle. Well if not for that, I would have lived the rest of my days fantasizing about Wiki as a girl in school and thought of Moodle as a brand Chinese instant noodle. Now that I’ve gotten over the writer’s block at the cost of your attention…let me get started with what Pickles and Bottles have to do with my life. While I owe my ‘bloginspiration’ to my good old friend Bala the inspiration behind the name is a pseudo-management book written by Sanjeev Jha called “When my Priest’s Prostitute met a Pickleseller”. An interesting book that connects strange and obviously mutually-exclusive counterparts (that’s the best oxymoron I’ve used in a long time now!) and talks about how a disillusioned burnt-out professional, Ravi, rediscovers the secret to sell and succeed like in love and enjoying the fruits of work. While that is a simple knot for a book, the interesting part comes from the people Ravi picks his lessons from…namely the 3 people that the Book’s title mentions. I was looking for a concept that will keep me coming back to the blog to keep it active and found the idea of writing about unconnected day to day events in life and try and connect them up…basically an attempt to pack the pickles into bottles. Wish me goodluck while I wish the same to you to keep visiting my page!

Will pickle again!