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Lord of War July 16, 2007

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I’d planned for this weekend to be a movie weekend and loaded myself with enough and more ethusiasm to do it…well! it needs a lot of push to sit alone and watch movie after movie after movie! My friendly neighbourhood DVD store has one of the best collection of movies from the oldest to the newest ‘yet-to-hit-the-screen’ movies. Run by a gang of young Chinese men, you get some of the best deals at times when their entrepreneurial spirits are on a high…when they decide to clock 5 days’ sales in a single Saturday afternoon and sell 3 movies for price of 1. Its after a game of quantity! I did not quite notice it until they started rolling their shutters down during the week and opened up only for the weekends. I’ve lately been convinced by a newbie at the shop to buy and try some of the new flicks that he recommended. Thanks to his enthusiasm and my stupidity, I seem to have collected a bunch of mindless movies that often walk the thin line between sense and nonsense! A flip through my collection was bit of a wake up call and I decided to ransack the store for some real movies this time. Walked into the store and almost whistled when I saw that my seductive salesman was not at the counter! Believe me the search was harder and longer when you hope for serendipity. After a 15 minute search I finally had two heavy movies and 1 slapstick (just in case the other 2 got me into a depression!) in my hand. I’d chosen “Lord of War” and “The Number 23”.

I would probably score really low if someone were to say – “The order of watching movies is an indicator of the overall alignment of your innerself!” – as I reached home and watched the slapstick first (I don’t even wanna mention the name!) and then gathered up my beer and sausages to watch the other 2. “Lord of War” – boy! what a movie it was.

Lord of War


Will pickle again!


Back in Act! July 13, 2007

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Its nice to back! Been away and out of the blogosphere for a while! While the intent was to write a post on every bottle and pickle I encountered during this shutdown period, guess that involves a lot of planning and record keeping and that in my opinion kills the thrill of rattling on the blog. So I choose not to talk about the excitement I had on the day when I wound up work and went straight to the airport from office at an hour when every other soul was struggling with client calls and emails at work and checked in my baggage and walked to McDonalds with an artificial hunger (why else on earth would someone order for a double-cheese with frenchfries and coke when just couple of hours back it was ‘feast-time’ at the best food outlet at Cyberjaya,the place where I work) and looked around at all the different people with different emotions and in different states of mind…someone in a red shirt was typing away to glory with the most official of all looks on his face…while I suspected he was blogging about the curious attitude of a bald-head (me!) next to him…and a family with 2 kids was seated diagonally opposite to me where the dad played the DAD by ordering for the entire family assuming what he is ok with is what his little tribe is ok with as well and the mom was keeping herself busy plugging the soother into the baby’s mouth and the baby was challenging her in return with her ‘unplugging’…well why would she accept a soother when her brother was measuring and dipping his fries in the best of Malaysian ‘cili sos’ and pushing it into the darker end of his mouth…and there was this short man, with a fanny pack that looked brand new and obviously purchased for the current journey he was undertaking and he had something interesting about him…yes! he was on a general high for reasons best known to him and he was one of those people who walk 40% faster than 80% of the crowd when they would be doing the same work that 90% of the crowd is engaged in…boy! you need some spirits to be in that spirit! Burp! Thank you McDee! It was then the immigration, customs, security, waiting, boarding, takeoff, beer, movies, wakeup, landing, immigration, customs, security, baggage claim, taxi, car-horns, rains, bullock carts, bridges under construction, acrobats on public buses, athletic autorickshaws…yes! CHENNAI. Home sweet home! Back home I could not but help wondering with awe the licence and freedom we assume about observing and writing about every other thing and every other person we bump into or see from a respectable distance…all in the name of having a blog!

Will pickle again!