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How I wish! September 6, 2007

Posted by prasadhms in Bottles.

Been wanting to do two things on the blog for a while now – one, write a really short post and two use photographs! But then I caught up with a old friend of mine who has a great passion for writing and cooking and she guided me to her blog and boy! was I glad to see her write longer posts than mine! And happier that the only graphic was that of her smiling portrait! Now that interaction with her took me to the days when dad used to ride us around in his bicycle, which I guess, was by the terms then considered a family vehicle. He also used the cycle to go to work and on certain days, I dont remember what kinda days, he used to walk to work. Cleaning the cycle used to be the weekend activity when the uncles next door used to pull out their cleaning apparatus and the men in the block used to “hang out” together over cycle cleaning. Then came the scooter age when well-off neighbours upgraded their vehicles and we had to wait a little longer to get our ride on dad’s new bike-cum-scooter (I dont remember what that was called!) But from then until this day things have moved faster and so has affordability and luxuries in life. As much as we moved from rented staff quarters living to our own house, we also moved from cycles to scooters to bikes to cars. From a one family-one vehicle state to a one member-one vehicle state. Well when I never asked my friends about their cycles until I had mine, nor did I bother about my friends cars until I got mine. Guess I did the same to blogs as well…I didnt truly bother about asking if people had their blogs until I had mine. The moment mine was active, I noticed that I expected all people I know to have a blog of their own! So much so that the first question that I asked this friend of mine…whom I was catching up with after almost 3 years…was if she had a blog and made sure she saw mine. Call it bragging call it whatever you want…its just another human thing! Atleast thats the way I’ve clarified to myself this not-so-desirable aspect of my behaviour!

By the way…do you have your blog?

Will pickle again!