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In a Baby’s World October 20, 2007

Posted by prasadhms in Pickles.

The title I’d initially decided for this post was “My Baby’s Doctor”…but for some strange reason I thought it wasnt cool enough a title for a ‘comeback post’. But on second thoughts I think the replacing title aint as cool as I’d imagined it to be. Anyway there is only so much a title can do! So we move on.

My new found little love in life came home after her post-natal confinement and I was a nervous wreck all through the flight home. If you haven’t had a first hand experience of taking a flight with a new born (Advi is a 3 month bundle of joy) I suggest you board your next flight holding a fish bowl with a gold-fish in and that’s the nearest you could be to experience the anxiety I’m struggling to convey in this note. Everything from the passport office asking for her thumb impression, to the immigration’s Arrival Card asking about the countries she had visited in the last ‘6’ months and asking her to confirm she wasnt ‘carrying’ banned plants and animals into Malaysia, was interesting and seemed mindless at times. She had a comfortable flight, except when the Captain woke the entire flight up to say we were going through turbulence and requested all of us to return to our seats! She woke up with a “Halloo!! Dont you see we are all dzzzing in our seats!” kinda look. Obviously she thought the captain was trying to pull a fast one on her! I wouldn’t have been surprised if the crew had jumped on me and put me in a tight jacket with a “suspected terrorist” tag – thanks to the look I wore on my face all through the flight. With no exaggerations, the pilot exhibited one of the smoothest landings I’ve had in recent times and it was like he was making up to my little girl for having woken her up. Now I reserve, for future posts, a lot of other stuff that happened between that day and the day before yesterday when we took her to the Doc for her vaccine shot. We were the first at the Doc’s chamber and we were glad to meet a man who knows babies best…and I later realized that he knows only babies! After a well executed jab, (my baby would have called him a ‘smooth criminal’) the Doc returned to the desk where I was sitting like most dads do when the mom handles the post-jab calming down session. He gave some truly valuable info and directions and as he was figuring the next appointment date and wrote his expert remarks on the report card, I (being ‘me’) spoke to him about who I work for and how my colleagues had unilaterally suggested his name when I was looking for a Paed, he stopped and looked up with a semi blank look. While I was thinking he was engaging with the names I rolled out with attitude, he pulled the fizz out with “You may have to give me the babies’ names…I know only them.”  Then a ‘APAC Regional Head’ became “Varna baby’s Dad” and a ‘Country Manager’ became “Saran boy’s Mom”. Well that’s what happens in a baby’s world! I became “Advika’s Dad”…

Will pickle again!