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Blogger’s Block! July 17, 2009

Posted by prasadhms in Pickles.

Been suffering from a ‘blogger’s block’ over  the week and ended with a dozen DRAFT posts that will now end up not seeing the light of the day. It took an SMS this morning to clear the block and trigger the rattling. It was a not-so-short message from a number that my phone couldn’t recognize and that is no strange occurence anymore after the registration with the new DND facility…apparently a Do-Not-Disturb register where mobile subscribers like me can get their number in and seek immunity from unwarranted messages from unknown senders. The strange phenomenon is that the number of spam messages have multiplied manifold (to use a cliche) after getting on the DND! Aint that interesting? Now back to the message…it started off with a etiquette loaded “Dear Sir / Madam”…what nonsense! Did the sender mean I look so sexually confused that he / she dint know what to address me as? Or did they think that my mobile is attached to a street screen for publication of such messages to the general public where Sirs and Madams can read it? Halloo!! Its my personal phone and you are expected to know atleast my gender before you text me about your ‘personalized sauna belt service’!

Will pickle again!



1. Bratman - June 4, 2010


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