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Google as a second name… July 25, 2009

Posted by prasadhms in Pickles.

I belong to the generation that went to libraries and painstakingly went through shelves after shelves of books on dusty racks and silently celebrated when the right book was found. And hopefully that doesn’t make me too old, as it was just 10 years ago that I did that. Yeah internet was still around but was beyond reach for a long time…the highest I remember was at a high-end internet cafe that charged something like 80 bucks an hour for ‘high speed’ internet with coffee and nice air conditioning. This parlour was tucked away silently in a dead-end street before music academy on Cathedral Road. It was considered cool to be seen around that place and obviously you had to save your pocket money to be seen there. The highest I remember one of my friends paid at that cafe was 400 bucks for having typed a long rediffmail which was then the in-thing. We still weren’t really using the internet to collect information or gather details for assignments. Guess it was more a matter of ignorance and not so much a matter of availability of content. We were, atleast I, was happy to be sitting at the library and seeking permission from the all-powerful librarian to photostat pages and sweat through the day when it was time to return the book and the book was not to be found in that shelf at home where I left it the week before! And all of that changed real fast and we said hello to “msn search”…and then I dont really remember when Google came home!

Our Second Name

Our Second Name

Ever since it came, it has refused to leave and is today all over the place for all reasons…be it to know who killed MJ or what happened last at the Big Brother show or tracking the solar eclipse or just to know who is Raki Sawant. Hope I got her name right…cos I was given a dirty look by my wife when I saw the promo on Star Plus for a show that apparently is a reality show about who is gonna marry this girl and I asked who the girl was. Guess its almost a shame to not know Ms.Sawant. I still havent Googled on who this Sawant is, but am sure am gonna do it once am done with this post! My sister who also happens to follow my blog had left a question about what are the other movies that Jeff Goldblum did other than Fly and ID4…and as much as even I know only these 2 movies…am gonna google on Goldblum’s movie list and post a response to her comment about the movies he’s done and how many of them were award winners and blockbusters and what a shame it is for her to not know those movies!! Well its ok…coz I’ve made Google my second name…just like you and the rest of netizens!!

Will pickle again!!



1. meera - July 28, 2009

apparently, jeff has done close to 50 movies which includes “jurassic park” and “lost world”…how did we miss it?!?!? he did this movie “thank god its friday” in the year you were born!!!

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