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Clips on the Clothesline September 30, 2009

Posted by prasadhms in Pickles.

I remember it used to be a ritual for mummies in the 80s to spread out washed clothes on the clothesline outside home while chatting up with aunties next door. Makes me wonder how they co-ordinated their timing and schedules without Orkut and Facebook and Google Latitude! Well the bigger ritual was that of taking that basket of clips to put on the clothesline and to collect it back and bring it back when the drying is done. It used to be fun to take charge of the clipping and collection activity when it rained, but not when Spiderman was on television! In fact one had to count the clips while collecting and report back to basecamp on anomalies if any!

Where have the clips gone?

Where have the clips gone?

Looking back…makes me wonder what value does a clip have when its not on the clothesline…and why didnt we just leave the clips on the clothesline when we weren’t drying clothes…a.k.a…not using them? Maybe clips were then pricey and hence had to be kept safe from prying eyes and hands! Or was it plain discipline of keeping things clean and tidy, that mummies were trying to pass down to progeny? Or was it just another ‘I dont know why…’? Coming to think of it, CDs and goggles are today left in cars when given for service, shoe racks are left out when families go out of town, restaurant tips are getting bigger, we dont wait for Diwalis to buy that new blue shirt and black trousers, cobblers have become a rarity, friends can take my car out for a spin (as long as they top up the tank!), old clothes often go to charity and not turn into ladles and steel plates anymore…and yes clips are left on the clothesline when not in use. A clipping sign of a progressive civilization I guess!

Will pickle again!



1. meera - October 3, 2009

you haven’t been righting much off late…why???? busy, huh!????

2. bharathy - October 10, 2009

was gonna say the same as meera….but, she beat me to it…

3. meera - October 19, 2009

btw…its “writing”…dismiss the typo!!!

start writing…this is my second visit to your bottle..to find no pickle!!!

4. bharathy - December 10, 2009

Where are you?? Have been making regular visits here..no new pickle or bottle…

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