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Pigeons in the Rain… December 20, 2009

Posted by prasadhms in Pickles.

God never wrote books. Who said so…maybe every single life form was authored to be a book each. If you can imagine the Earth as one of the many shelves that some carpenter made for God, am sure you can imagine every life form as a book on it for you and I to pick up and read. Though we walk with, through and between these shelves everyday, guess we walk so fast that we don’t quite notice the books, leave alone picking one up to read. I took a pause this morning and noticed a nice little book titled “Pigeons” that had fallen off the shelf and  turned to a page titled “Pigeons in the Rain”… – It was 7 in the morning and the day was breaking beautifully with the sound of houses in my silent neighborhood waking up to a nice and slow Sunday and the first rays of the morning sun peering through the clouds that were leaving for the day after their night shift. Just when the last of clouds was about to leave, someone had an idea like a colleague on a Friday evening suggesting beer, and the clouds gathered up and put on their party wear and picked up their big rain mugs and said Cheers! And their revelry caused their mugs to splash and spill and it came down as rains. I walked up to our balcony under the pretext of saving my shoes from the rains and let the rain drops splash on my face and fingers, looking around to make sure my wife and daughter were not watching me. What could be funnier to them than watching a bald head reaching out to the rains! As the revelry intensified, bigger and heavier drops fell down from the sky. Well guess thats the point when the thin line between fun and trouble is crossed. As big drops pelleted the trees and buildings, a flock of pigeons took off from a building…about 40 of them at the same time. This is the point where the lessons began. Some pigeons flew random and across, looking for the right spot to hide or maybe just dancing in the rain…some quickly found a sun shade to hide under…while some continued to fly in panic. There were 3 pigeons that flew up to the parapet wall of the terrace and perched themselves there and stood in the rain…not moving a bit even when the drops came down heavier. There were 3 more that found a small pipeline attached to the wall and perched on it in the most awkward and painful looking way and tried to find shade by moving closest to the wall and almost becoming part of the wall. The natural slant,  if any, of the wall above them is all that would save them…and that again not for long, but just until water starts running down the wall. I leave it to you to read that again and interpret it any which way you want by relating to things that we do in our lives.

I came in to start this post and stepped out again to check on the pigeons as the revelry softened a bit…I found that the 3 bravehearts on the terrace were not to be seen, the fellas who found the sunshade had moved on to another one, while the fellas on the pipeline were still there, this time fluttering their wings to counter the slipping that was happening with the wet pipe under their feet. The chapter ends here. All I know was it made good reading and its upto the reader to interpret and make senses. But there sure is some big meaning behind each of these acts that other life forms orchestrate for us or maybe for themselves.

Will pickle again!



1. meera - December 22, 2009

nice!! 🙂
long time…no write…find more time and inspirations possible….like the rain and the pigeons!

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