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Cookie Monster!… June 18, 2012

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Cookie Monster!!

We have all gotten so used to browsing and browsers that the term ‘browse’ itself sounds strange now! We do so much ‘browsing’ now at work, at home and on the move that it cant be given a name anymore. Its probably like saying ‘I breathe…do you breathe?’. The flipside of getting used to something so much is that we also tend to get blind to some of the things that would have initially troubled us or worried us when we started…with regards to ‘browsing’ it is the ‘C’ word that I am personally troubled about these days!

Cookie Monster

Yes..COOKIES! There were days when a webpage that drops a cookie into my system was considered dangerous and notorious and I was religiously cleaning the ‘cookie jar’ of the browser almost every day and the cleaning happened even if I hadn’t had my shower for the day! But guess now the whole CMS revolution, SEO, Ad-banners and ‘dynamic’ portals wave has almost taken it for granted that one has no choice but to live, breathe, eat and talk cookies all through the day! So much so that my friends give me a strange look when they see me cleanup COOKIES from my temp folder! Its like “phew!! what kind of person doesn’t like cookies!”. There is so much COOKIE all over that we can build a road to the sun and back with it! For the fun of it…I disabled cookie acceptance (like a rude boy!) on all my browsers and saw how my ‘browsing’ changed. No way!!! Nothing moves and even a simple login page of google or the news page of timesnow or wait…the login page of my office intranet also pops up so many cookie alerts that I am almost beginning to think I must be crazy to disable cookies! Yes the Cookie Monster is around all the time and you just cant escape him / her / it / whatever!!! Even worse is that some of my own development work on the WWW seems to have Cookies that I am not aware of!! Yes the Cookie Monster is on a free-run!! And this one doesn’t eat the cookies but drops the cookies…a lot of it! 🙂 Happy Cookies!!